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Batik Robes

Welcome to NOVICA’s Batik Robe Collection. A sensuous grouping of hand crafted batik robes and dressing gowns of cotton and rayon make up this stunningly beautiful collection dyed by local Indonesian artists.


Popular Batik Robes

Batik Robes

Batik, a process of fabric dying using wax and natural fabric dyes to create unusual and striking patterns, is said to have originated in Indonesia about 2000 years ago. It became popular in Europe after being brought back by 17th Century Dutch traders. To this day, this technique of creating some of the most complex and striking patterns is practiced by the descendants of those original native Indonesian artists. This tradition is passed along to artists like Nyoman Nadri, Desek Nyoman Parwall and Ketut Suwrita, who captures the beauty of his natural surroundings in these sensually soft and wearable works of art. NOVICA brings the art of these Indonesian Batik artists to the world through their stunning collection of batik clothing.